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Synergy is a data mining application that automatically builds and validates market timing models. Models can be exported from Synergy to Dakota 3, NinjaTrader or MultiCharts .NET.

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Predictive Signals

Let us do the modeling for you. We provide a daily download service that includes predictive signals for the Australian Dollar, Gold Futures, S&P 500 Futures and Live Cattle Futures.

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Market Timing Models

AUDUSD Database Run 26 Model 66

Aussie Dollar Model 66 from Run 26

Gold Futrues Database Run 29 Model 72

COMEX Gold Futures Model 72 from Run 29

Rough Rice Futures Database Run 26 Model 66

CBOT Rough Rice Futures Model 66 from Run 26

SP Futures Database Run 25 Model 3

CME S&P 500 Futures Model 3 from Run 25

T-Bond Futures Database Run 75 Model 19

CBOT T-Bond Futures Model 19 from Run 75

Corn Futures Database Run 74 Model 12

CBOT Corn Futures Model 12 from Run 74

Soybeans Futures Database Run 73 Model 24

CBOT Soybeans Futures Model 24 from Run 73

Live Cattle Futures Database Run 71 Model 1

CME Live Cattle Futures Model 1 from Run 71

The models that produced the equity curves pictured above were built using the Synergy data mining application. Synergy makes the difficult endeavor of identifying intermarket relationships and building models relatively easy.

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